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Poster: seventyeight Date: Nov 18, 2016 5:54pm
Forum: faqs Subject: Can you explain the filter option better?

I have tried using the new filter system--or whatever it's called--jargon is lost on me. I notice that the possible filters go on for many, many pages but I'm not able to access the entire list of filters. For example, if i want to search a topic that begins with a "T" the filter pages usually only go up to, say, the letter "C." The bottom of the filters pop up screen has numbers up to 35 (and sometimes 50) but if I'm doing an alphabetical search I have to wade through pages of filters that don't just have words, they have symbols and punctuation. What ends up happening is I can't even get through the first half of the filters before I run out of page numbers to click on. I don't know if what I'm saying is clear but I lack the technical vocabulary to make it any more explicit. If you need more information about the issue I can send screenshots. Thanks